Dev Blog: New Cleaner & Bugfixes

For the last few days I have been working on completely rewriting the ‘Cleaner’. This piece of code deletes all the empty properties before writing a yaml file. It already existed in EPD before, but it wasn’t very reliable and did not clean every single property. Now it should work very reliably and really remove all empty properties from the Yaml. Before I also had to ‘restore’ (reinitialize) the playfield object again in order to beeing able to enter values again after saving a file. With the new cleaner this isn’t necessary anymore, because the object you are actually editing does not get changed anymore, just the data that gets written to YAML.

Additionally, I added a filter to the POI Browser to be able to search for POIs via GroupName, Scenario, etc. I also wanted to add a special scenario mode, but it doesn’t work as it should yet. For that I guess, I have to rewrite a lot more on the PropertyParser.

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