Dev Blog: RandomEditor and new Unified UI

Development is progressing rapidly. It looks more and more like this is going to be a major rework.

I have now integrated both the Random Editor and the old Fixed Editor interfaces into the main window. They are all separate modules now, that can be loaded and unloaded from the UI. When you now open a fixed playfield yaml, the FixedPlayfieldEditor module is loaded into the user interface. And also the RandomEditor doesn’t open a separate window anymore, but is also loaded into the same mask.

This means that all functions will be optimized and unified to work (almost) equally on random and fixed playfields.

There’s still a lot of work now, as all EPD functions that work with playfields need to be reworked and/or fixed to work with this new modular approach. That means all buttons, all menus and so on need to be reworked to handle the new UI properly.

But on the long run this will also open up the possibility to add other modules at a later time.

Let’s see where this goes. 😉


Dev Blog: New Random Playfield Editor coming up

I finally decided to overhaul the current Dynamic Editor and go for a new Random Playfield Editor. After the first ~100 builds the result looks quite ok. Of course, I still have to test all internal Playfield connections and then adjust the read/write code, then sooner or later the preflight, and so on. But I’m cautiously confident that everything will work as I imagine it will.

This new editor will allow you to edit the _dynamic and _static yaml file in one single editor and it will feel like editing only one file. Just like the Fixed Playfield Editor. It will also be possible to mix dynamic and static properties on one tab, as you can see in the screenshot.

Here’s a first screenshot of the new Random Playfield Editor

EPD v1.64.0 Build 2054 is out!

New Preflight is coming along well. I tought, I release a WIP version for you to see and give feedback. There’s some chance, that there are some regressions as Preflight is pretty much woven into Playfield mechanics.


  • New Preflight:
    • Total rework of Preflight engine to make creating new preflights more modular and easy to understand.
    • New batch of preflight checks (Dronebasesetup, PlanetVesselSetup, BiomeCluster texture setup).
    • Now also supporting status type ‘Warning’ besides ‘Error’ and ‘Success’
    • Now you can save, even if Preflight reported errors (New button in Preflight window ‘Ignore & Save’)
    • Showing of PreflightLog on saving can now be disabled if no errors were found in Preflight.
  • Playfield tree will now remember collapsed/expanded state of each tree node when cleaning up backups/bins or just when refreshing.
  • CreatureSetup: Changed description text in tooltip for ‘Delay’, as this was confusing.
  • Removed ‘IsOrbit’ property from Space playfields. Don’t think that’s needed anymore. If anyone knows for sure, that this one’s still needed, plz let me know. Then I’ll enable it again. 


  • Some Preflights were marked as Success, although they failed.
  • Options Editor ‘forgot’ current playfield name, thus ‘SaveAs’ routine was called instead of ‘Save’ after closing of OptionsEditor.
  • A bunch of little bugs.

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