EPD v2.1.2 is out (Empyrion V1.7 compatible)

Hey there, it’s been a while, but here it is: EPD v2.1.2.

So let’s get right to the chase. What’s new?

  • First off, this version is designed to be compatible with Empyrion V1.7.
  • All the new space and planet properties such as the new dronebase setup, drone behaviour, free planetary vessels are supported. The old behaviour is still supported (because the game supports it too) which leads to a bit of a clutter in the new drone base setup in EPD.
New DroneBase Setup in Empyrion V1.7. Now a list fo Dronebases can be defined. Also new free Playnet Vessels can be set here.
  • Third party packages, especially YamlDotNet, have been updated to the latest version. Internal code was changed to adapt to the new packages.
  • YamlDotNet had a breaking change in their latest versions. Some properties (esp. the ‘Description’ property) in some old playfields had multi-line double quoted strings. In the old behaviour, those strings could be imported without a problem, but this was never yaml standard. This bug got fixed in the latest YamlDotNet versions. The problem was that those old playfields could not be imported anymore by EPD now without changing the palyfield manually beforehand. So I implemented a routine that attempts to fix those legacy playfields on opening. There is a now a message box, if such old behaviour is found, and if you click ok, EPD tries to fix it and then opens the playfield afterwards. If you don’t want EPD to fix it automatically, you need to change the yaml by hand, otherwise EPD can’t open those playfields.
EPD asks to fix a legacy playfield
  • There is now an import function that reads all the factions from the factions ecf file automatically and for all scenarios. If a faction is exclusively found in one specific scenario, the scenario name is listed next to the factions name in brackets.
  • Yamls that have been created with EPD now write comments (section headlines) to the yamls to make them easier to read/browse in editors.
New comment lines to mark different sections of the yaml for easier reading in editors.
  • The ground work has been laid to enable ‘scenario exclusive’ editing, which means that in future you most likely will be able to edit a specific scenario and only items, factions, … of the currently selected scenario will show up in EPD, but that’s still future.
  • The 3D Viewer is now capable again to view the new V28 and V29 blueprints.

And – as always – some bugs got squished. 😉

Known Issues:

As the new deco system is still in development, I did not include the new deco objects (plants, rocks, …) for now into the EPD database. This will be updated as soon as the devs have decided which deco objects to keep, change, and so on. For now I would not really use the new deco options as they are mostly likely bound to change anyway.

Please test thoroughly, This is still an experimental version. It is quite possible that some properties get lost on saving. So please – even if EPD creates backups – keep your own backups and check regularly in game for crashes. Finding a bug after hours of changes in a playfield is really hard to do. Trust me I know what I’m saying. 😉


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