EPD v2.1.3 Hotfix is out

Hi folks,

Sorry to tell you, but I missed a few properties in the new drone Base Setup, that got fixed in this version. Secondly, the old dronebase setup and new deco stuff got deactivated for now.

The Reasons: The old Dronebase setup should not be used anymore for performance reasons and is only kept in game for legacy reasons in scenarios. You should try and adapt your scenarios to the new drone base setup. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The new deco presets were also deactivated because they are not finished yet in game and possible to change in the upcoming months. So to avoid any playfield breaks in the next weeks and months, I decided to remove the feature until it’s finished. The new deco items were missing anyway, so the feature was not really usable in EPD anyways.

Nevertheless, I hope you have fun and EPD helps you create beatiful worlds.


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