EPD v2.15.2 is out (Blocks and Items)

Hey there,

This update adds better support for scenario makers. I will try and follow this route for the next updates. In this version I concentrated especially on Blocks and Items.

EPD now supports blocks and items in all scenarios. Until now EPD only imported and showed blocks and items from the Main Game. From now on every ItemsConfig.ecf and BlocksConfig.ecf from all scenarios will be imported and shown in the PlayerStart ItemsBrowser or in the Properties section of POIs and such.

So, how does it work exactly? First all the MainGame Items and Blocks get imported. After that EPD looks through all scenarios for additional ItemsConfig and BlocksConfig and imports those Items and Blcoks that don’t exist yet in the Maingame OR – if and Item or Block already exists – it checks if the StackSize varies, and then also imports it into EPD.

ItemsBrowser now shows also the Scenario, the Item/Block was imported from.

The adapted ItemsBrowser now also allows to Filter for scenario names to only show items/blocks from one specific scenario to ease up browsing through the 1000’s of entries.

Other than that:

  • Bugfixes


[ Change Log ]

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  1. Pablo

    Program collide with game and generate error, when you introduce Planet Vessel.

  2. Fenra

    Glad to see you back, hope you’re doing better. Look forward to seeing what new updates you’ll have for this.

  3. Tialuna

    Hi there, the program crashes with some SQL Errors by importing the playfields.

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