EDP v1.92.1 Build 2546 is out!

This build fixes some issues with the Cleaner. If you noticed there was a nasty bug introduced in the last version which could result in a COQ when loading EPDs playfields into the game or SSG. Sorry for that.

This was due to the fact that the Cleaner removed all color properties from a biomecluster that had a zero for one of the three color values in them.

I also added the new property OrbitUsesLightColor that uses the planet’s LightZenithColor set the light color in orbit. Set to false in planetary playfield to deactivate this option.

There was also one property missing obviously for a long time already:

  • PlayerArmor

This makes it possible to set the player’s armot dependent of difficulty setting. Make sure to only either use the old ‘Armor’ property OR the new (old) PlayerArmor property.

See Changelog.


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