EPD v1.90.1 Build 2282 Experimental is out!

This is EPD 1.90.1 experimental (EPD 2 alpha). Please understand, this is a work-progress-version version with some rough edges, but I think it can’t hurt to have some feedback and bugreports to be able to react as fast as possible when some breaking changes show up that I might not have been aware of.

Please let me know what you think of the UI and the new mechanics and what needs to be added/changed. Now is the time, as I’m knee-deep in the guts of EPD and reworking everything from the ground up. 😀


  • New RandomEditor to handle both Static and Dynamic Files in one Editor
  • New Unified UI, RandomEditor & FixedEditor in same MainWindow.
  • New ScenarioSelector to handle working directories
  • Massive internal codebase change: Switched MainUI mostly to MVVM pattern and Databinding
  • UI Update: More refined UI, conssitent color scheme

Known Issues:

  • Especially in RandomEditor, but also the FixedEditor, some properties might not initialize correctly and thus might not get written to yaml at first save.
  • Status indicator in the bottom of MainUI not always updating reliably (‘Playfield saved…’ message)
  • playfield_debug.yaml or yamls with other file names cannot be opened at the moment.
  • When saving a fresh fixed playfield.yaml, you still need to create the playfield folder by hand. No automatic selection of scenario path and no creation of folder based on template name defined in ‘Create New Playfield’ block yet.
  • Preflight not yet working for random playfields.


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