EPD v1.64.0 Build 2054 is out!

New Preflight is coming along well. I tought, I release a WIP version for you to see and give feedback. There’s some chance, that there are some regressions as Preflight is pretty much woven into Playfield mechanics.


  • New Preflight:
    • Total rework of Preflight engine to make creating new preflights more modular and easy to understand.
    • New batch of preflight checks (Dronebasesetup, PlanetVesselSetup, BiomeCluster texture setup).
    • Now also supporting status type ‘Warning’ besides ‘Error’ and ‘Success’
    • Now you can save, even if Preflight reported errors (New button in Preflight window ‘Ignore & Save’)
    • Showing of PreflightLog on saving can now be disabled if no errors were found in Preflight.
  • Playfield tree will now remember collapsed/expanded state of each tree node when cleaning up backups/bins or just when refreshing.
  • CreatureSetup: Changed description text in tooltip for ‘Delay’, as this was confusing.
  • Removed ‘IsOrbit’ property from Space playfields. Don’t think that’s needed anymore. If anyone knows for sure, that this one’s still needed, plz let me know. Then I’ll enable it again. 


  • Some Preflights were marked as Success, although they failed.
  • Options Editor ‘forgot’ current playfield name, thus ‘SaveAs’ routine was called instead of ‘Save’ after closing of OptionsEditor.
  • A bunch of little bugs.

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