EPD v2.0.5 is out

Hey there, Version 2.0.5 brings a new unified prefabs (EPB) browser. Until now, there were different browsers in EPD, whether the yaml value was the blueprint’s filename, groupname, spawnname or set name in Fixed POIs. Now there is only one prefabs browser, that will show the appropriate value in the left view. It will also show you the type of itemname (groupname, spawnname, filename, …) and also the scenario, the blueprint was found. That way you can quickly select the blueprint you want.

There’s also a filter option at the top that can filter for ItemName, Groupname, SpawnName, and also scenario name.

On the right side, you can see, which blueprints share a groupname (or spawnname), and there’s also the button to open the 3D-View of the blueprint. This was maybe broken for some users in the last version, as I forgot to add some needed (native) dlls.

Additionally this new prefabs browser alloed me to get rid of some legacy datatables in the database. Now I only have to import one table, which dramatically improves prefabs scanning and importing.

Generally, all lists have been optimized and should now a lot faster browsing through the items. Before, it could take up to half a second to switch from one item to the next, but now, it should allow switching up to 10-20 items per second, if you hold down the arrow up/down key.

And – as always – some bugs got squished. 😉

Please test thoroughly, as the prefabs browser module change in all prefab-related properties may have introduced new bugs or might have led to some regressions.


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