EPD v1.95.5 Build 2902 is out!

This is the first version with Multi-Editor enabled. Now you can batch-edit list items for selected properties. In this version multi-editing has been enabled for some properties in the RandomPOIs and FixedPOIs list.

You can try and test this as follows:

If you select more than one item in the RandomPOIs or FixedPOIs list, thed edit button will change to ‘Multi-Edit…’. If you now click on this ‘Multi-Edit’ button, an editor with all the properties, which have been enabled for batch-editing will open.

Each property you change within this editor, will be updated for all the items you selected in the list. So f.ex if you change the Faction drop-down to a different value than selected will update all Faction properties on all selected items.

One thing you should be aware of, when batch-editing

Changing a value and then immediately changing it back to the original value still counts as a change and therefore¬†will still update all selected items to this one ‘new’ value. So f.ex. if the faction property was different before for each selected item before batch-editing, all the selected items will now be updated to this one faction value of the first selected item in list.

See Changelog.