EPD v1.92.0 Build 2394 is out!

In EPD 1.92.0 I have added the new BiomeClusterBrowser to both the fixed and the random editor. You will now see all the most important information of a biomecluster right away for each entry, which makes – as i hope – finding the right biomecluster easier.

You now are also able to search for items like ClusterName, DecorationItem names, GrassItem names, SelectionCriteria and stamp names in the Search box above. That way you can filter your list accordingly to the entered search paremeters and only these biome clusters will show up in list.

Another big thing is the total rework of the neworking and MOD code to make it work with Empyrion’s new ModAPI. It is now again possible to transfer player’s position and rotation from the game back to EPD right into the coordinate or rotation input fields.

The adaption to the new ModAPI will also open more possibilities for the future as well. I might have some ideas already to utilize this in future updates. 😉

One thing to consider:

The new EPDMOD should get copied automatically into the corresponding path into the Empyrion subfolder (Content/Mods/EPD/).
Just to be safe, and because this is a total rewrite, please check if the EPDMod folder content looks like that after you start EPD for the first time (the log file might not exist yet in your folder):


To use the coordinate/rotation transfer MOD, you need to disable EAC. It should not matter, what you start first, EPD or Empyrion, I tried both and the TCP client should connect fine to the server, as soon as available.

If not, just delete the whole ModFolder (Content/Mods/EPD) and restart EPD, then the folder and all files should get copied there again. If still nothing changes, please let me know in a bug report. 🙂

Hope you enjoy it. As always, glad to get some feedback and/or bugreports.

See Changelog.


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  1. Ken

    Found a possible bug. Saving a dynamic playfield in a scenario with a radiation value of 0, 0 will save the playfield YAML without the Radiation value at all, resulting in errors when the scenario is selected. I was able to fix the problem by simply adding the value back as “Radiation: [0, 0]” within the YAML itself. Currently using EPD 1.92.0 b2394.

    1. jmcburn

      Thx, will be looked at. One workaround for now would also be to set one of the two values to 0.00001 or something. That shouldn’t really have an effect in game, but prevents EPD from deleting the property. It should now only delete range properties where both values are 0.

      1. Ken

        Sounds golden, thanks!

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