Dev Blog: New Scenario Selector

During the revision of the Save routines I thought about which paths I should offer in the SaveAs dialog. After some time back and forth and testing around, I decided to add a scenario (or also ‘Main Game’) selector to the ‘Create New Playfield’ block. This would have been intended for a later release, but it seemed to be a good idea to integrate it right away. 🙂

It’s still far away that all functions and modules in the PlayfieldEditor are taking this into account, – that is still a lot of work – but the first step is at least done. The ‘Create Playfield’ button sets the current scenario path and it also will be suggested when saving.

Also, when opening a playfield I now determine the scenario path from the file path and set the ‘Create new…’. block to this scenario, since it is very likely that if you open a playfield in a certain scenario, you also want to create a new playfield in this scenario.

The entire configuration is already exported to config.xml when closing EPD as ‘CurrentScenario’, so you can continue where you left off.

Last but not least I refined the UI a bit with new grid splitters (controls that allow you to enlarge and shrink individual areas by dragging) and a more uniform color scheme. I think this makes the whole thing look a little tidier now.

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