EPD v2.0.4 is out!

In EPD 2.04 I’ve added 70 new BlockShapes to give you a better impression of the blueprint model. Especially the thin, round and angular shapes are really needed to make some models look right. I’m still planning to add more shapes over time, but this is the first batch.

New BlockShapes and blue transparent ‘GhostBlocks’
New BlockShapes

I’ve also added a new ‘GhostBlock’, which is transparent. It will be used for all still missing or unknown block shapes. That way, you can imageine, that there’s something there, but not as massive as a full cube, as it was before.

Also, of course some bugs gut fixed.





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  1. SLI_Fallen

    IS there a way to donate for this app?

    1. jmcburn

      No, I don’t take donations. But thanks for asking. 🙂

      I’m just doing this for fun and for Empyrion’s community.


  2. SLI_Fallen

    Honestly, you should at least offer it. I’ve always been a big fan of supporting private app developers (particularly with game development. I’m NO programmer, but I have played with FPS level/MOD/game engine work for many years and know the incredible work it takes, especially by yourself. All I can say then is a most heartfelt and respectful THANK YOU for your efforts. They ARE very much appreciated!!

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