EPD v1.94.9 Build 2704 is out!

This is a major update with some changes in functionality and bug fixes.

Persistent Preflight Log window:

Now you can keep the preflight log open (e.g. on a second screen) during editing a playfield.
When you hit Ctrl+P now, the Preflight log will open OR, if already open, update the log with the changes you made to the playfield. This way you can work your way through the list of errors and see immediately if the changes you made have an effect.

Allow moving of multiple selected items at once in lists:

Now you can select multiple items in any list (even non-consecutive with holding Shift or Ctrl while clicking) and then move trhem all up or down at once with the move up/down buttons next to the list.

Also added some missing features and properties to SpaceDynamic Playfields:

See ChangeLog.